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Application & component outsourcing

Whether you're a small business needing a new Windows software application or a development team in need of additional resources, ask Blue Tang first build that system or feature for you. With over 40 years experience building software in a variety of disciplines and using state of the art tools and techniques, Blue Tang could be your answer.

If you know what you need and have a detailed specification, great. If you need help honing down your requirements, analysis can be arranged. Complex systems will be defined with proper acceptance criteria and use cases with agreed milestones for delivery. Generally, work items will be charged at a fixed price based on an estimate on time required. In the ideal world, the requirements won't change once work commences, but this is software and we all know it may well do! We're happy to accommodate small changes as long as they don't have a major impact on our ability to deliver within the agreed time.

On-going support

We won't run a muck after your system or component has been delivered.


And lets face it, who wouldn't be! Get in touch for a friendly chat to establish how we can help, or simply to ask a question without any obligation.