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Agile of Course

If you use Agile and Scrum, and who doesn't these days, we can accommodate your methods and join in your sprint planning and stand-ups on site or via Skype. Our preferred source control is git but can work with VSTS, Subversion and others.

If you don't use Agile but would like to, let us advise how. We have experience of Agile, the good and bad, from inception to maturity to a small development team. Agile doesn't change things overnight, but is a gradual process of improvement, while getting all parties and stake holders on-side.

On-going support

We won't run a muck after your system or component has been delivered.

Umbraco, the most powerful and flexible CMS I have ever used.

Marc Love, Web Developer

Blue Tang

2/3 Fala Place
EH16 6FG



And lets face it, who wouldn't be! Get in touch for a friendly chat to establish how we can help, or simply to ask a question without any obligation.